Business SKETCHNOTES online course

Learn to Explain Business Concepts With Drawings

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Business SKETCHNOTES online course
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Learn to Communicate Business Data Using Hand Sketches like this

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ZERO Drawing Experience Needed

What are Sketchnotes ?✏️

Business Sketchnotes
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Business Sketchnotes Self Paced Course

Why Use Sketchnotes in Business Communication

  • Add Emotions in Concepts
  • Make Tough Topics Easy
  • Visualization helps in collaboration
  • Make Work Fun
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About Us

Sketchnotes Examples

Ankur Warikoo Sketchnote on _Is it Love or Lust

Course Outcomes 🎯

Lady making Sketchnotes

Who Should Take this Course

Business Application of Sketchnotes

Business Sketchnotes Example

Course Features

This is the most elaborate course on Business Sketchnotes available on internet.

51+ Videos | 700 + minutes of content

Self Paced Course

Life time access | Monthly LIVE doubt clearing sessions


Course Content

In these 51 Videos we have not left anything untouched.

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Lesson 1 Course Introduction

1.1 Introduction to Visual Note Taking
1.2 Video settings, Pens and Markers
1.4 Keeping a record of your progress

Lesson 2 Drawing Icons

2.1 Basic Geometry
2.2 Icons using geometry
2.3 Less is more
2.4 Childhood Memory
2.5 Shadow rule

Lesson 3 Business Icons

3.1 Business icons part A
3.2 Business icons part B
3.3 Business icons Using Online Tools

Lesson 4 Human Figures

4.1 Basics of human drawing
4.2 Gender drawing
4.3 Face features
4.4 Turning face
4.5 LIVE human face drawing
4.6 Drawing Professions
4.7 Humans in action – formula
4.8 Formula to draw humans in action
4.9 Yoga Poses
4.1o Day to Day Actions – Simple
4.11 Day to Day Actions- Complex

Lesson 5 Business Metaphors

5.1 Drawing Customer
5.2 Drawing Teams
5.3 Drawing Managers
5.4 More Business Metaphors

Lesson 6 Visual Bucketing

7.1 Visual bucketing – Declutter on the basis of Container, Typography and Color
7.2 Visual bucketing- example

Lesson 7  Visual Hierarchy

8.1 Visual Hierarchy – Creating hierarchy based on Container, Typography and Color
8.2 Visual hierarchy- examples
8.3 Visual Hieranchy Exercise – Visual Business card
8.4 Visual Hierarchy Solution – Visual Business Card

Lesson 8 Sketchnote Organizers
9.1 Containers
9.2 Connectors
9.3 Dividers
9.4 Bullets
9.5 Typography
9.6 Coloring
9.7 Visual bucketing – Declutter on the basis of Container, Typography and Color
9.8 Visual bucketing- example
9.9 Visual Hierarchy – Creating hierarchy based on Container, Typography and Color
9.1O Visual hierarchy- examples

Lesson 9 Sketchnote Formats
10.1 Overview
10.2 Grid format
10.3 Radial format
10.4 Pathway format
10.5 Mindmap format
10.6 Abstract format
10.7 Stoyrtelling format

Lesson 10 Making Sketchnotes

10.1 Paragraph to sketchnote
10.2 Final Exercise

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If you find a more detailed course on Business Sketchnotes than this, we will refund 100% money.

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About the Trainer

Piyuesh is a Master Visual Facilitator, Sketchnote Trainer and Founder of Visual Thinking School, The Netherlands

He has trained more than 37000+ professionals globally from companies like BCG, Deloitte, Adobe, Sales Force, Amdocs and 65+ other organizations. 


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