Empowering Organisations & Classrooms with VISUAL WORKING.

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Empowering Organisations & Classrooms with VISUAL WORKING.
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Transform Business Information into Visual Business Stories 

Visual Business Story

Conduct Trainings & Meetings with Graphic Action Boards & Game Plays

My Competencies graphic faciliation template

 Summarize Conferences & Meetings with Business Sketchnotes

Business Sketchnotes

Deliver NO PPT sessions using hand drawings on Flipcharts & White Boards

NO PPT trainings using Flipcharts and White Boards

How do we do this ?

With these 4 VISUAL Techniques 👇

Communication Drawings for Visual Thinking
Visual Storytelling as of the pillars of Visual Ways of Working
Graphic Game Plays as of the pillars of Visual Ways of Working
1. Communication Drawings:
Visualizing complex business jargons with simple & engaging metaphorical drawings. 
2. Sketchnotes:
Summarizing Meetings and Conferences with Visual Notes Taking Skills
3. Visual Storytelling:
Communicating Business Information in the form of Metaphorical Visual Narratives 
4. Collaboration Game Plays:
Gamifying Problem Solving Meetings, Trainings with Graphic Game Plays and Visual Boards 

We blended these 4 Visual Techniques in Our Training Offerings


Corporate Trainings

For Corporate Teams, Managers and Leadership


Classroom Trainings

For Teachers and Students in Schools, Colleges & Universities


Group Trainings

For Independent Trainers, Coaches, Educators, Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Other Offerings

Online Courses (Coming Soon)

✔️ Business Sketchnotes
✔️ Visual Business Storytelling
✔️ Classroom Sketchnotes
✔️ Graphic Game Plays

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Services (Coming Soon)

✔️ Customized Storytelling Slides
✔️ LIVE Graphic recording
✔️ Social media content
✔️ White Board Explainer videos

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✔️ Visual Business Story Templates
✔️ Business Sketchnote templates
✔️ Business Visual Vocabulary
✔️ Animated Visual Vocabulary

About Us
About Us

Corporate Trainings

For Specific Roles & Functions👇

🔴For Sales & Customer Experience Teams: 5 Napkin Pitch (5NP)

🔴For Project Management Teams: Visualize to Actualize (V2A)

🔴For Agile and Scrum Teams: Visual Velocity 

🔴Training and Development: No Yawn Trainings (NYT)

🔴Recruitment and Employee Engagement: Visually Hired

🔴Business Transformation: Visualize the Shift (VTS)

🔴Social Media and Content Marketing: Beyond Words 

For Cross Functional Skills👇

🔴Storytelling Presentation Decks: Visual Business Storytelling (VBS)

🔴Flipchart Meetings: Business Sketchnotes 

🔴Visual Communication: Business Drawings 

🔴Visual Facilitation Techniques: Collaborative Graphic Game Plays

  • Customizable
  • In-person, Online & Hybrid
About Us
About Us

Classroom Trainings

For Teachers and Students👇

🔴 Teacher's Sketchnotes

🔴 Student's Sketchnotes

🔴 Teachers Teaching Sketchnotes

🔴 Graphic Teaching Game Plays

  • Customizable
  • In-Person, Online & Hybrid
Play Video about Classroom Sketchnotes in TU/e

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