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Cross Functional Team Presentation

Cross Functional Team Presentation

Cross Functioan Team

You can hand draw this metaphorical template on your flipcharts, white boards or even on online calls (using free online drawing tools on shared screen like : microsoft whiteboard, canva draw, Google Draw or even Zoom white board sharing)

How to Draw

Draw: Illustration of a mountain peak with several individuals holding balloons attempting to reach the summit.

Description: Imagine a mountain representing our collective goals. Each individual holds a balloon, symbolizing their unique skills and expertise. However, alone, they struggle to ascend the peak.

Draw: One individual with multiple balloons reaching the mountain top.

Description: But behold, when these individuals come together as a cross-functional team, their balloons merge into a powerful cluster. This unity enables them to soar to the mountain top, achieving heights that seemed insurmountable alone.


Visual: Icons representing various skills (e.g., coding, marketing, design, communication).

Description: Becoming cross-functional involves developing a diverse skill set that complements those of your team members. For example:

    • Coding: Learning basic coding skills enables a marketer to understand website analytics and collaborate effectively with developers.
    • Marketing: A designer who understands marketing principles can create visuals that align with branding strategies.
    • Design: Strong design skills can enhance communication effectiveness, making complex ideas more visually engaging.
    • Communication: Effective communication skills facilitate collaboration across diverse teams, ensuring everyone is aligned towards common goals.

Presenation Take Aways

Strength in Diversity: Embrace the diverse talents and perspectives within our team.

Collaborative Synergy: By combining our skills and resources, we amplify our collective impact.

Overcoming Challenges: Together, we can conquer even the most formidable obstacles on our journey to success.

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