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Visual Facilitation

Trainings & Workshops

Visual Facilitation | Sketchnotes | Visual Business Storytelling


All 3 Levels of Visual Facilitation

Visual Facilitation India Tour 2024


Business Sketchnotes

Explain Processes and Business information using Hand Drawings

Business Sketchnotes Online Course (2)
Classroom Sketchnotes

Master Teaching and Learning Clasroom Subjects Using Visual Drawings

Classroom Sketchnote On Demand Online Course


For Corporate Teams | Business Coaches | Educators


Business Sketchnotes

Explaining Concepts Using Visual Drawings

Visual Storytelling as of the pillars of Visual Ways of Working

Visual Business Storytelling

Business Data being Communicated by Narrative a Visual Story

Graphic Game Plays as of the pillars of Visual Ways of Working

Facilitation Game Plays

Conducting Trainings and Meetings Using Visual Games


We trained 65+ Top Notch Organisations & 38k+ Professionals Globally from


Give Hand Sketched Identity to your Business

Sketchnoted White Board Videos

Sketchnoted Whiteboard Videos

Explainer Videos | Convert Podcast and Interviews to Whiteboard Visualization

LIVE Graphic Recording

Big Chart LIVE Graphical Summary of Conferences | Events | Workshops | Seminars

Sketchnote Summary

Sketchnote Summary

Marketing Material | Chapter Summary | Social Media Content

Business Storytelling Decks

Transform Business Information into Storytelling Narratives

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    About Us
    About Us


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    • Editable on PPT and Canva


    SketchStory Business Storytelling Templates


    100+ Visual Business Storytelling Templates for Business Presentations
    βœ… Our Flagship Product

    Animated Business Metaphors - SET A

    Hand Drawn Animated Business Icon Set

    Animated hand drawn metaphorical business icons for your power points

    Hand Drawn Static Business Icon set

    Add static hand drawn metaphorical business icons in your power points

    15 Sketchnote Templates

    Sketchnote Templates

    Hand Sketched Digital Templates for Power Point Presentations

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