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Upcoming Trainings & Courses

Graphic Facilitation | Sketchnotes | Visual Business Storytelling

Open LIVE Trainings for Business Professionals

Visual Thinking Trainings

Our Flagship TTT Program

Graphic Facilitation Ceritfication Program

Learning Outcomes

🟨 Visual Communication Skills: Communicating Using Drawings 
🟨 Visual Storytelling: Harnessing Outcomes on Visual Storyboards  
🟨 Facilitation Techniques: Models for Commencing, Collecting, Curating, Creating, Confirming and Closing Facilitation Sessions 
🟨 Collaborative Visualization: Engaging Pariticipants Using Visual Drawings 
🟨 Gamification Techniques : Executing Facilitative Methods in Gamified Ways. 


⭐ 4 Weeks | 31 Hours
⭐ LIVE session from Netherlands
⭐ From Master Trainer, Curious Piyuesh, Founder of VisualThinkingSchool, Netherlands

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FREE workshop

Learn to Make Sketchnote Reels

➡️ Learn to covert your sketchnotes into reels

➡️ 1 hours LIVE workshop

➡️ Date :  19 April (Friday) 

➡️Time: 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM India time AND 5 PM to 6 PM Amsterdam time

Special Workshop (Over)

Air Sketchnotes

Learn Air Sketchnotes & Sketchnoted Instagram Reels

Learning Outcomes

🔴 Learn to make drawings on top of your videos (LIVE demonstration and Installation on your laptop)
🔴 Learn to make explainatory instagram reels using hand drawn sketchnotes (LIVE demonstration and LIVE work on your Instagram)
🔴 Learn to use projector to give hand drawn presentations


⭕ 3 hours Hands-on and LIVE workshop
⭕ Date : 6 April (Saturday) 
⭕Time: 1 PM to 4 PM India time | 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM Amsterdam time

Trainings for Teams 


Corporate Trainings

For Corporate Teams and Managers


Classroom Trainings

For Teachers and Students

Introducing “SketchStory” 🍾

Make Hand Drawn Visual Storytelling Presentations

100+ Ready to Use Templates

Download as PPT – 100% Editable on CANVA – Animate them- No Monthly Subscription – Learning Videos Available

About Us
About Us
For Teams

Corporate Trainings

For Specific Roles & Functions👇

🔴For Sales & Customer Experience: 5 Napkin Pitch (5NP)

🔴For Project Management : Visualize to Actualize (V2A)

🔴For Agile and Scrum Teams: Visual Velocity 

🔴Training and Development: No Yawn Trainings (NYT)

🔴Recruitment and Employee Engagement: Visually Hired

🔴Business Transformation: Visualize the Shift (VTS)

🔴Social Media and Content Marketing: Beyond Words 

For Cross Functional Skills👇

🔴Storytelling Presentation Decks: Visual Business Storytelling (VBS)

🔴Flipchart Meetings: Business Sketchnotes 

🔴Visual Communication: Business Drawings 

🔴Visual Facilitation Techniques: Collaborative Graphic Game Plays

  • Customizable
  • In-person, Online & Hybrid
About Us
About Us
For Educators

Classroom Trainings

For Teachers and Students👇

🔴 Teacher's Sketchnotes

🔴 Student's Sketchnotes

🔴 Teachers Teaching Sketchnotes

🔴 Graphic Teaching Game Plays

  • Customizable
  • In-Person, Online & Hybrid

Online Courses on Visual Thinking

We are soon launching Online Courses on Visual Thinking 

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