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‘Determination ‘ – Visual Storytelling Presentation


Choosing your own path requires determination and the ability to navigate through obstacles. This metaphor of a person standing beneath a mountain, contemplating the journey to the peak, and ultimately overcoming various challenges to reach the goal, exemplifies the power of determination and strategic planning in achieving success.

Metaphor Interpretation:

A person standing at the base of a mountain, looking up at the peak with a goal flag, contemplating the journey ahead. The person encountering various obstacles like boulders, steep cliffs, and rough terrain, thinking about how to navigate through them.  The person successfully overcoming the obstacles and reaching the peak with the goal flag.

Example: Launching a New Product


  • Launching a new product in a competitive market.
  • Facing obstacles such as limited resources, market competition, regulatory hurdles, and customer skepticism.
  • Maintaining focus and determination to overcome these challenges and achieve a successful launch.

Skills for Navigating Obstacles:

  • Goal Setting: Clearly define the end goal and visualize the desired outcome.
  • Strategic Planning: Develop a detailed plan to address potential obstacles, such as resource allocation, competitive analysis, and market strategy.
  • Problem-Solving: Think critically and creatively to overcome challenges as they arise.
  • Resilience: Stay determined and adaptable, learning from setbacks and continuing to push forward.
  • Focus: Maintain a strong focus on the goal, ensuring that every action taken aligns with the ultimate objective.
  • Persistence: Keep moving forward despite difficulties, using each obstacle as an opportunity to strengthen the approach.

By choosing your own path and navigating through obstacles with determination, individuals can achieve their goals and reach new heights. This journey from the base of the mountain to the peak exemplifies the strategic and persistent efforts required for success.

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