Goal Setting

Goal Setting

‘Goal Setting’ – Visual Storytelling Presentation


Setting and achieving goals often involves navigating through challenges and obstacles. This metaphor illustrates a person carrying a bag and a torch, walking along a difficult road, overcoming milestones and challenges to reach their ultimate goal.

Metaphor Interpretation

A person with a bag and a torch begins walking on a dark, rough road. The person encounters obstacles like rocks, puddles, and steep inclines, but continues moving forward with the aid of the torch. The torchlight helps the person to see and navigate past each challenge, representing small victories along the way. The person finally reaches a bright light at the end of the road, symbolizing the achievement of the final goal.

Example: Personal Development Goals


  • Setting personal development goals and overcoming various challenges along the way.
  • Facing obstacles such as lack of motivation, time constraints, and unforeseen difficulties.
  • Using clarity, planning, and perseverance to navigate through challenges and achieve goals.

Skills for Goal Setting

  • Clarity: Defining clear, specific goals to understand what you are working towards.
  • Planning: Developing a step-by-step plan to outline how to achieve the goals.
  • Perseverance: Continuing to push forward despite facing obstacles and setbacks.
  • Flexibility: Being adaptable and finding alternative solutions when encountering difficulties.
  • Motivation: Staying motivated and focused on the end goal, using small victories as encouragement.
  • Time Management: Effectively managing time to prioritize goal-related tasks and avoid distractions.
  • Resourcefulness: Utilizing available resources, such as the torch, to navigate through challenges and make informed decisions.

By setting clear goals and using the necessary skills to overcome challenges, individuals can make steady progress toward their ultimate objectives, just like the person with the torch navigating a difficult road to reach the final goal.

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