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Sketchnote Marathon

Sketchnote Marathon

Sketchnote Marathon

A Journey of Creativity and Inspiration…..


The world of sketchnoting is buzzing with excitement as we launch the Sketchnote Marathon—an exhilarating journey of creativity, growth, and inspiration.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of what the Sketchnote Marathon is all about, its significance, and how it’s igniting a spark of creativity within our community.

What is the SketchnoteMarathon?

The Sketchnote Marathon is a 100-day challenge where participants commit to creating a sketch or sketchnote every day for a hundred consecutive days. It’s a unique opportunity to explore creativity, improve sketchnoting skills, and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for visual storytelling.

Why Participate?

Participating in the Sketchnote Marathon offers a multitude of benefits. It provides a structured framework for consistent practice, allowing participants to hone their sketchnoting abilities and build a robust visual vocabulary. Moreover, it fosters a sense of camaraderie and community spirit as participants support and encourage each other throughout the journey.

Key Components:

Daily Sketching: Participants are encouraged to create a sketch or sketchnote every day, regardless of size or complexity. The emphasis is on the process rather than the end result, fostering a growth mindset and a willingness to experiment.

Sharing and Feedback: Sharing sketches within the community and providing feedback fosters collaboration and mutual learning. It’s an opportunity to celebrate achievements, seek guidance, and gain inspiration from fellow participants.

Supportive Environment: The Sketchnote Marathon cultivates a supportive and inclusive environment where participants feel empowered to express themselves creatively without fear of judgment. It’s a safe space to explore ideas, embrace mistakes, and celebrate progress.


      1. Share your sketchnote in our whatsapp community group
      1. Share in your Social Media and in each post invite our of your friend to join this challenge 🙂
      1. Use this hashtag : #SketchnoteMarathon
      1. On Instagram, you can add @visualthinking_school as collabotor
      1. On stories, you can tag @visualthinking_school , @curiouspiyuesh and @thesketchyeducator

      Topics and Linkedin Posts

      Day 1 – Habits that can transform your life
      Day 2 – Digital Well being
      Day 3 – Ways to show kindness
      Day 4 – My Visual Profile
      Day 5 – Values that matter to me
      Day 6 – Life quotes that resonates with me
      Day 7 – Ways to nurture creativity
      Day 8 – Create a Visual guide on a process
      Day 9 – The power of Visualization
      Day 10 – Visual profile of your Role model
      Day 11 – Sustainable choices for green future
      Day 12 – Women in Science

      I am new to sketchnoting. Where can I LEARN ?

        1. Check this FREE introductory practice booklet
        1. Courses here will take you deeper into sketchnoting
        1. Free workshops in our community group will teach you as well.

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