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Work Break Down Structure

Work Break Down Structure

‘Work Break Down Structure’ – Visual Storytelling Presentation


A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is like a team of divers exploring the depths of the sea to uncover hidden treasures. Each dive represents a task or subtask that, when completed, contributes to the overall project success. Let’s explore this metaphor, illustrating the systematic breakdown of work into manageable components to achieve project goals.

Metaphor Interpretation:

The visual depicts a team of divers diving into the sea one by one. Each diver represents a task or subtask in the project. At the end of the dive, there is a treasure symbolizing project success.

Example: Software Development Project

Challenge: Developing a new software application within a specified timeline and budget.

Work Breakdown Structure:

  • Phase 1: Planning and Requirements Gathering

    • Task 1: Define project scope and objectives.
    • Task 2: Gather user requirements.
    • Task 3: Develop a project plan.
  • Phase 2: Design and Development

    • Task 1: Design user interface.
    • Task 2: Develop backend functionality.
    • Task 3: Conduct unit testing.
  • Phase 3: Testing and Quality Assurance

    • Task 1: Perform system testing.
    • Task 2: Conduct user acceptance testing.
    • Task 3: Identify and fix bugs.
  • Phase 4: Deployment and Maintenance

    • Task 1: Deploy the application.
    • Task 2: Provide user training.
    • Task 3: Maintain and support the application post-deployment.

Skills Required:

  • Task Planning: Breaking down the project into manageable tasks in the WBS.
  • Time Management: Estimating the time required for each task and managing the project timeline.
  • Resource Allocation: Assigning team members to tasks based on their skills and availability.
  • Communication: Ensuring clear communication among team members regarding task requirements and progress.
  • Problem-Solving: Addressing issues and challenges that arise during the project execution to keep the project on track.

By using a WBS to break down the project into manageable tasks and leveraging key skills, teams can dive deep into the project, uncovering hidden challenges, and ultimately reaching the treasure of project success. 

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